Your chance to play at festival Hongerige Wolf

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Do you know Hongerige Wolf? It means 'hungry wolf', and it is a small town in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. A nice festival is organized there, called Festival Hongerige Wolf, which will be held from July 27 - 29. On this festival, you will find the best unknown music and theatre. Sounds cool, right? We think so too. And you have a chance to play there! One Labtones artist will be selected to give a show. Just send an e-mail to to apply. The selected artist will be announced on! More info on the festival can be found on their website:


2 responses to “Your chance to play at festival Hongerige Wolf”

  1. jax Says:
    'Change'.. 'chance'.. you say potatoe, I say...
  2. Jasper Says:
    Haha thanks for the heads up jax! Fixed.

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