Labtones Live! Saturday April 28, 2012

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The fourth edition of Labtones Live in 2012 took place on Saturday April 28. This time, two Labtones acts played a set.

ica's Mess (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

Mica's Mess (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

The first act is known on Labtones as Mica's Mess, but tonight she performs alone under her real name Mieke van Veen. She became a member of the Labtones network quite recently, but immediately got attention from Labtones listeners. She accompanies herself on acoustic guitar while the audience enjoys her beautiful voice and intimate songs.

Duncan Idaho (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

Duncan Idaho (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

Duncan Idaho (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

Next up was the band Duncan Idaho. Last year, they also performed on Labtones, but Labtones had good reasons to invite them again: they released their second album, became Labtones Artist of the Month and performed as support for Manic Street Preachers. All in the course of a couple of months! And like last time, the band played an excellent set with material from their most recent full-length; catchy indie tunes with great guitar licks and vocal harmonies.

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