Labtones Artist of the Month October: Alex van Holstein

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Our artist of the month October is quite a special one, since he only sings in the Dutch language: Alex van Holstein. But, his melancholic songs fit the autumn season so well, we just HAD to pick him for this month. And, his last two recordings were recorded at the Labtones Studios.
Alex van Holstein is constantly working on developing himself musically, and this is why he sounds different on every album. So far, he has released three: Het mag sneeuwen (It may snow, 2006), IJzeren vogel (Iron bird, 2011) and Papieren vogel (Paper bird, 2012).  What all three albums have in common, are the uncomfortable lyrics and melancholic music. Gradually, Alex is being picked up by the Dutch national radio stations. For example, 'Sara op Zondag' ('Sara on Sunday', Radio 2) will give away two albums to listeners in the near future and often songs from the latest album are being played on the show '' (Radio 2). As said before, his last two CDs were recorded at the Labtones Studios, with the help of some musical friends of Alex. At Labtones HQ, we can't get enough of his songs and we think the music is best explained by this quote from a review by “Actually, we don't know anyone else who is so good at describing the tragedy of a backup player from VV Papendrecht 2 as Alex van Holstein does. Small things get big and big things get small. Beautiful.”
If you haven't heard Alex's music before, go quickly to his Labtones profile: (or

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