Labtones Artist of the Month June: Aube L

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We proudly present the Labtones Artist of the Month June: Aube L! Aube L is a girl from France, who started out making music for cinema and the theatre, but then decided that she wanted to bring her music (or her universe, as she calls it) on stage. Her universe is intimate, cinematic and unique with lyrics inspired by darkness and despair, but also on light and faith.

Aube L already released a number of albums, of which the most recent I Am was released in October of 2011. And at Labtones HQ, we are a fan. Just listen to the beautiful song You have to grow fast or the dark atmosphere of Fade into the moon.  Aube L manages to create a lo-fi and original sound, which perfectly matches the unique sound of her voice. She also performs her songs live inside and outside of France. She tried several band formations, but in the end, she prefers to perform alone. We heard that her shows are very powerful and a surprising experience!

In order to hear some of her songs, just visit her Labtones profile:

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    Great sounds!

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