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Some artists do not care for musical boundaries and YOURS from Portland (USA) are certainly one of those. This duo, consisting of Matthan Megrew Minster and Adam Trachsel, blends elements spanning the entire spectrum of the musical palette. At the center is Minster's unmistakably powerful vocals aptly characterized as the "Pavarotti of psychedelic rock", combined with equally powerful songs that reference McCartney-esque classic pop/rock as well as modern hip-hop, rock and world music. According to the band members, even the name YOURS “implies an ambiguous displacement of ownership of the band to anyone”. So far, the band has released a seven-track EP and recently a single called “Spin a top”. Currently, they are working on their first full-length album, which should be released later in 2012. At Labtones HQ, we decided not to wait for this release, because you should not miss this exciting band! Check out some of their songs – including their newest single “Spin a top”, which previously made it to the #1 position in the LabCharts! – on their Labtones profile:

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