Labtones Artist of the Month December: Number Nine

Artist of the Month

Labtones proudly presents the Artist of the Month December: Number Nine! Their name already gives you a hint: this band from Utrecht (The Netherlands) is clearly influenced by those four gentlemen from Liverpool. Think solid drums, vintage guitar sounds and McCartney-like melodic bass lines. And, of course, beautiful vocal harmonies. Especially when you listen to their early material (for example, the happy ode to the summer 'Sun sun sun') you are convinced that you listen to a recording from the sixties. However, on their first full-length 'New Ways' (2012), Number Nine re-invented themselves with the help of producer Martijn Groeneveld (Blaudzun, A Balladeer). Their music got a more serious and mature sound as a result, but without losing the catchiness that made their earlier songs so addicting. The songs are now about topics such as broken hearts and the speed of life. Without getting too pessimistic by the way, because in the music of Number Nine there's always a glimpse of hope and optimism. Curious? Enjoy some songs on their Labtones profile!