Dr. ir. Jasper van Dorp Schuitman

Professor Tony Lab

Today one of the founders of Labtones got his PhD! Now his official title is:

Dr. ir. Jasper van Dorp Schuitman

Isn't that fantastic? He wrote a book called:

"Auditory Modelling for assessing room acoustics"

You can find this book under ISBN: 978-94-6186-005-7

A BIG congrats from the other founders of Labtones Jasper!!! Cherio!

62 responses to “Dr. ir. Jasper van Dorp Schuitman”

  1. Arjan Says:
    Congrats Dr. ir. Jasper!!!!

    I'm very proud of you, there was a smile on my face the whole day!
    It's still there! You Rock big time and are an inspiration for the people surrounding you!

    CU soon, your friend Arjan
  2. WLC Says:
    Congrats Jas! What an achievement!

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