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Let us finally bring an end to all the mystery: from today you can customize the LabCharts to your own taste! Check it out at:
You can generate charts by selecting your favorite countries and genres. Want to know what is happening with Indie and Rock music in Belgium? Tick the 'Indie', 'Rock' and 'Belgium' boxes and click on 'Generate'! And now comes the best part... You can also listen to the songs in your customized LabCharts using the playback controls at the top of the page!

Feeling adventurous? You can change the order of the charts also! You can order the songs from highest to lowest rating, reversed order or even random order! Finally, you  can easily let your friends enjoy your custom LabCharts by sharing it using the Facebook or Twitter buttons.

Playback Control Official LabCharts
You can still find the overall daily charts also at in the 'Official LabCharts' tab. As you will notice, the daily charts now also come with playback controls! Enjoy the highest rated songs on Labtones!

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