Artist of the Month May: The Circumstances

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For a while now, the artist of the month May can be found in the upper regions of the LabCharts: The Circumstances (NL). This band was founded in 2008 and combines a powerful sound with sensitive, poetic lyrics. They have a diverse repertoire, which reveals various influences, from Radiohead and Bright Eyes to U2. Intimite acoustic singer/songwriter moments are being alternated with powerful indierock and psychedelica.
The first EP of the band was released in 2009 and it resulted in a place on the main stage of the big Wantijpop festival, amongst other gigs. After some changes in personel, the follow-up was released: the EP 'Firing Neurons'. A song from this EP made it onto a compilation with the best new Dutch music and next to that the band was asked to perform live on the big national radio station 3fm. In other words, things are going great for the band en this year they will perform a lot to promote their EP and increase their fanbase. This tour will bring them to Labtones Live! in Bibelot (Dordrecht, NL) as well on May 25! As a little taster, listen to some songs on their profile:

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