Artist of the Month June: Sad Society

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Music lovers can chose from a wide variety of music on the Labtones network. In May, we had the young indie rockers of The Circumstances as Artist of the Month. This month, the title goes to the experienced punk/rock band Sad Society. This four-piece band from Edinburgh (Scotland) was formed in the 1980's and since then they played and recorded all original material.

According to the band their sound is “powerful, melodic and with balls to the wall, fists in the air, classic chant-along lyrics”. Their live shows are renowned for their energy. Having enjoyed playing alongside some of their favourite unfluential bands from their youth, they recently shared the bill with The Stranglers, The Damned and Wilko Johnson. They are now enjoying a renewed energy with their new guitarist, who previously worked with The Exploited on a worldwide tour.
They want to bring a peaceful message in a world of greed and hatred. Sad Society is humbled that their music makes people from all walks of life happy and plans to record and tour this year. The Sad Society sound deserves to be shared as far across the planets as possible! Listen:

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