Artist of the Month January: Taste of Cinnamon

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Our first Artist of the Month of 2013 is Taste of Cinnamon (NL). After years of playing in a rockband Robin & Renée realised making tiny music was better for them. It took them exactly one month to get the new singer/sonwriter project running. This made them realise they should have been doing this all along. It felt like coming home. Since then the name of the project has changed from Pantoufle to the current name Taste of Cinnamon. With the new name, new songs and new energy they were able to release their debut album 'Life of Ours' in the beginning of december 2012. 'Life of Ours' is a friendly album that suits the winterdays. It's about themes everyone will know about. Reccomendation: warm cup of tea/chocolate, fireplace, press play..

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