Artist of the Month August: Portrait [Bizarre]

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We proudly announce the artist of the month July: Portrait [Bizarre]. This five-piece band from Maasmechelen, Belgium, consists of Yannick (vocals), Marc (guitar), Herbert (bass), Raymond (keyboards) en Ron (drums). Basically, the band was already formed 22 years ago (!). Yannick and Ron joined recently, giving a “fresh start with an experienced base”. According to the band themselves, they make modern, radio-friendly pop music. We also hear influences from alternative music, from bands such as Placebo for example. They are working hard on perfecting their live performance since 2010, and by now they are performing live a lot. They gave a great show at Labtones Live in May, for example. In between gigs, they can be found in their own studio – an old miner's house – where they are working on their debut album. This is certainly going to be a great album, since they are getting help from the well-known Belgium producer Luc van Acker. Some demo songs can already be found on their Labtones profile page:

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