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Artist of the Month April: Desperados BFDM

Artist of the Month

The artist of the Month April proofs that combining different cultures and backgrounds into one band can really result in a great sound: Desperados BFDM (NL). The band creates a mix of latin, funk, folk, hip-hop, pop and reggae. The composition of the band, with two percussionists, acoustic and electric guitars, a Spanish rapper and the fact that almost every band member sings results in a unique new sound.
This colourful group is composed of experienced musicians with six different nationalities who use music as their universal language. The sun-flavored songs tell stories of life and love. They always swing and are accessible to a wide audience. The two Latino percussionists and the Dutch drummer take care of the mix of rhythms, while English melodious lyrics and sultry Spanish rap fill in the vocals. The Desperados are well-known for their live-performances and the great interaction with the audience. Last January during the Pinguin Radio Festival in Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL) they were voted as 'best band' by a packed and enthusiastic audience.                            
The album “Brothers from Different Mothers” is partly produced by John Sonneveld (known from The Golden Earring, Anouk, and Postman).  The title expresses the friendship between the bandmembers. In October 2011 the single “Tequila con Limon” was released together with an exotic music video (http://youtu.be/H1KoKRWV80M). The logo of Desperados represents equality of races, a message the band find very important to portray with their music. 
This year the Desperados BFDM celebrate their 10th anniversary. At this moment the brothers (and sister!) are very busy with composing and recording new catchy material for their next album. http://www.labtones.com/artist/desperadosbfdm

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