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Artist of the Month April: The Black Hills

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Our previous Artist of the Month, Duncan Idaho, came from the Netherlands. For the Artist of the Month of April we have to travel to the other side of the planet: The Black Hills. This band is based in Melbourne, Australia. It is a three-piece band, consisting of Drew Basford (bass, vocals), guitarist Steve Taylor and Aihds Benvenga on drums. It is really a DIY band: guitarist Steve produces all the demos for the band in his home studio, and they do their own promotion and also fund themselves. The band now exists for three years and claim that they are "as close to Spinal Tap as it can get", except that their amps don't go to eleven. In fact, their amps go to twelve. But, according to their bio, they have one major thing in common with this band; they often have to search for a new drummer because the previous one exploded. The black hills make indierock, of which the sound clearly reflects their DIY-philosophy. The music sounds raw and honest. The band members have a long history in the Australian music scene and with their music they want to provide an alternative to "metrosexuals playing laptops" that now dominate the Melbourne scene. They think "it is essential for those who still know the art of playing real instruments to fight the apathy of clubbers and the evil of club owners who would rather pay one guy with a USB key than a band of people with something to say". We don't know for sure how well this fight goes, but at least they are receiving airplay in a number of countries such as the UK and USA. Curious how they sound? Take a listen on their labtones profile!


Labtones Live! March 31, 2012

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The third Labtones Live! event of 2012 took place on Saturday March 31 in Merz, Dordrecht.

This is Bridget (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

This is Bridget (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

The first act of the night was This is Bridget. This female singer/songwriter started out singing in rock bands, but later decided to follow the singer/songwriter route. Since half a year she performs together with Oscar Poppe on upright bass, who is also present tonight. The two musicians clearly enjoy playing together and the audience clearly enjoys the intimite folk songs of this duo.


Organ Tonation (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

Organ Tonation (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

Next on stage was another duo: Organ Tonation. This act is fronted by Frank Montis, known on Labtones with his band DelMontis. Organ Tonation mainly plays songs from the album 'Straightforward Fascination' by DelMontis, but in a different setting: Frank is playing the Hammond instead of the Rhodes, and he is only accompanied by a drummer. Together they treat the audience with jazzy versions of the DelMontis songs, played with amazing musicianship.


Desperados BFDM (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

Desperados BFDM (Photo: Jasper van Dorp)

The night is closed by a set of the international act Desperados BFDM (Brother From Different Mothers). These guys certainly know how to start a party!  With seven (!) musicians on stage, including two percussionists, they play a mix of latin, funk, hiphop, pop and reggae. Sometimes rapper ? takes the lead and at other times they all sing together with nice harmonies. When they play their single 'Tequila con limon', the Labtones crew gives the people in the audience free shots of tequila. This was the perfect closer of a perfect night!


The next edition of Labtones Live will be held on April 28, 2012.

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