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Labtones Live! February 25, 2012

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LogOut (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

LogOut (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

The second Labtones Live! of 2012 took place on Saturday, February 25 in Merz (Dordrecht, The Netherlands). This night the program was rather diverse, with two singer/songwriters and one rock band! The first act on stage was LogOut from Greece. He was sitting behind a collection of pedals, with which he did all sorts of creative things, like looping his voice and guitar. He even played keys on his iPod! But most of all, the music was beautiful and his voice was incredible.


Johan Borger (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

Johan Borger (Photo: Amber Zwartbol)

The second performer, Johan Borger, took a lot less equipment on stage: a guitar and a bar stool. It is all you need for the intimate americana / folk music he plays. The music often reminded of the acoustic songs of Ryan Adams, with beautiful melodies.


The final act was Nothing Ultra. And it was quite a different one from the other two. These guys have a history in various bands and decided to form a band together that is all about rock music. The band played steady rock songs, with lots of creativeness going on. Think Foo Fighters, but also with a unique touch to it. And singer Gerben has an amazing voice!


The next Labtones Live event will be on Saturday March 31. Keep an eye on http://www.labtones.com/live for more info and the lineup!

Labtones Artist of the Month March: Duncan Idaho

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Can music be creative and catchy at the same time? Of course! One of those bands that are brilliantly mixing an original sound with catchy tunes can be found on Labtones: Duncan Idaho, our artist of the month March. This Dutch band only exists for two years and is about to release their second album this month: 'The Event Horizon'. Their sound is built on catchy hooks, solid rhythms and interwoven guitar lines, together with male and female vocals. The band members have their roots in punkrock, which is probably the reason why they write melodies that stay in your head for a long time. But in the meantime, they also are clearly influenced by the record collection of their parents. The result is a nice indierock sound, with lots of things to discover for the listener. Their talent did not go unnoticed, given the fact that the new album will be released through the Moon Records label. The album release party will be on March 10 in Rotterdam, see their Labtones page for more details: http://www.labtones.com/artist/duncanidaho. There, you can also check out the first single 'IO' from the album, and download it for free!

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