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Labtones Live! January 28, 2012

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In 2012, Labtones will continue the succesful Labtones Live series! Keep an eye on this blog for news, videos and reviews!

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

The first 2012 edition took place on Saturday 28 in Merz, Dordrecht. Three Labtones artists got the chance to present their music to a live audience in a great atmosphere. First on stage was Annik (NL). They played a very interesting mixture of rock, funk and soul. Singer Anneke has a very special and beautiful voice, which perfectly fits the original music. The fact that she sometimes also played the trumpet certainly adds to the originality.

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

Annik - Photo: Patricia van Zwoll

Next, Fraud the Band (IE) gave a set. In a very small setting (voice/guitar and flute), they played folk music with an Irish sound. A group of people gatheredsilently in front of the stage to enjoy the intimate and beautiful songs.

Grant Moff Tarkin (BE) gave the final show of the night. And what a show it was. Their music is very original and creative, and clearly inspired by artists from earlier years. They sometimes even sounded like a crossover between Velvet Underground and Neil Young. Singer Julax has a good voice and looks like she is completely absorbed by the music. And so was the audience!

Want to more know about these artists? Visit their profile pages:

Labtones Artist of the Month February: Trigger Fish

Artist of the Month

At Labtones, we like original music very much and that is why we decided to make Trigger Fish (USA) our next Artist of the Month. With a unique mixture of rock, funk and reggae, they bring songs that are influenced by “good music, real life experiences, politics and people”. The bio mentions that the resulting sound cannot be classified and we fully agree. They are currently working on their first full-length album, called “Seed”. The album should be ready in the summer of 2012, but two songs off the coming album will be available for free download on their website www.triggerfishchicago.com soon, so keep up with them so you don't miss this preview! In the meantime, you can enjoy four songs on their Labtones profile: www.labtones.com/artist/triggerfish.

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