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Custom LabCharts

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Let us finally bring an end to all the mystery: from today you can customize the LabCharts to your own taste! Check it out at: http://www.labtones.com/labcharts/?type=cl.
You can generate charts by selecting your favorite countries and genres. Want to know what is happening with Indie and Rock music in Belgium? Tick the 'Indie', 'Rock' and 'Belgium' boxes and click on 'Generate'! And now comes the best part... You can also listen to the songs in your customized LabCharts using the playback controls at the top of the page!

Feeling adventurous? You can change the order of the charts also! You can order the songs from highest to lowest rating, reversed order or even random order! Finally, you  can easily let your friends enjoy your custom LabCharts by sharing it using the Facebook or Twitter buttons.

Playback Control Official LabCharts
You can still find the overall daily charts also at http://www.labtones.com/labcharts in the 'Official LabCharts' tab. As you will notice, the daily charts now also come with playback controls! Enjoy the highest rated songs on Labtones!

Haven't seen Professor Tony Lab lately...

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We haven't seen our own Professor Tony Lab around the coffee machine for a while (which is pretty rare) and it turns out he is working hard on new stuff. He doesn't want to give any details yet, but apparently it is pretty exciting and it has something to do with genres. So, artists, please update your genres by navigating to your 'edit profile' page. If you are making country with metal influences, simply tick those two genres. As you will notice, the genres will appear on your artist profile page.

Let us also use this opportunity to promote our Facebook page. From time to time, we add interesting news about Labtones (and Labtones artists) on this page, so 'like' us if you want to stay up to date!

Happy listening,
The Labtones team

New homepage and embed your player

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Hello Labtones user,

here is another newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest news from the network!

New homepage
As you may have noticed our home page has been re-designed completely. It now features some graphical highlights of the network and some big buttons. We especially like the 'Surprise me!' button, which takes you to a random artist profile (logged in users only). Very addictive! Visit www.labtones.com to take a look.

Embed your gigs and music player
The music on your artist profile is no longer Labtones-only! You can simply embed the music player on another website by pressing the '</ Embed>' button and copy-pasting the resulting code. And the same is true for your Labtones gigs list! If you have fans who are not on Labtones (do you?) they still won't miss a gig.

Take care and happy music listening!

The Labtones team

Happy Easter

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Labtones wishes everyone a happy easter! (Special thanks to rjn for making this nice animation, with music from Max & the Wild Things.

Promote yourself, vote for Labtones Radio and mobile devices

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Promote yourself
As an artist, you are probably familiar with the promotional tools Labtones has to offer, like your personal reel-to-reel music player, sending messages to your fans, adding news about your band, tell everyone about your gigs, etc.

However, there is also a very easy way of reaching a lot of users at the same time: by sending a promotional video of yourself to us! We will put these videos on the Labtones home page, so your video will be randomly shown to the Labtones visitors! Oh, and your video will show up on our Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/labtones) and on your personal Labtones profile as well.

You can find instructions for making the video and sending it to us on this page: http://www.labtones.com/presskit/PDF?type=explainvideo. You don't necessarily need to make it about our "Don't Tell" campaign (although this would be very cool, of course). It is also not necessary to use a webcam, any other camera is good too. Just be creative. We have heard your music, so we know you are!

Vote for the radio
Last time, we told you about the possibility for you and your fans to vote for songs to be played on Labtones Radio. We are very happy to see that a lot of members use this feature! There is a lot of voting going on! If you listen to Labtones Radio, you will hear a mixture of the highest rated songs AND songs which were voted for, so grab your chance to get heard and click on the small “V” button (next to the song titles) to vote!

Labtones on your mobile device
We are happy to mention that you can also visit Labtones on a lot of mobile devices, like the iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Tab (2.0 or higher) and Android Phones. From now on you can also enjoy the best new music while you are on the move!

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